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ITAG Welcomes New Board Leadership and Members!

Leah Fox, New ITAG Chair; Erik Gudmundson, New ITAG Vice-Chair; Matt Fischel, Outgoing ITAG Chair

Leah Fox, New ITAG Chair; Erik Gudmundson, New ITAG Vice-Chair; Matt Fischel, Outgoing ITAG Chair

On January 11, 2018 the ITAG Board Members gathered at Penn State University Great Valley for annual elections. Leah Fox of LoanLogics and former Vice Chair of ITAG, has agreed to serve as the Board Chair. Erik Gudmundson of Pegasus Technologies and member of the ITAG Programming Committee, was unanimously voted to replace Leah as the Board Vice Chair. Matt Fischel of Johnson and Johnson and former ITAG Board Chair will continue to serve the partnership on the executive committee. Existing members agreed to continue on the Board and several new members officially joined ITAG. ITAG is lucky to have such passionate, smart and involved leadership. Join us in congratulating our new and renewed members – Thanks for all you do for the regional tech sector!

Nominate Your Tech Team for the TECH360 Tech Team of the Year Award

The Tech360 Technology Team of the Year Award has been established by the Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG) and the Ideas x Innovation Network (i2n) to recognize a Technology Team that has made an outstanding contribution to its business, employees or community.

The winning team will be announced at Tech360 on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at Penn State University Great Valley.  Interested nominees should reserve a spot at Tech360. The price of the conference will be refunded for up to 2 winning team members who are registered prior to November 3, 2017.  Registration is not required to be considered for this award.

Nominations must be received by 5 PM November 3, 2017.

To nominate your team, click here.

Check out last year’s award winner by clicking here.


Technology Employers: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Your input makes a difference! Understanding employers’ IT workforce needs is critical to driving tech talent growth in our region. The ITAG Industry Partnership and the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia have partnered to conduct an employer needs assessment survey. Your responses on IT hiring and training needs will be used to guide training funding, infrastructure initiatives, and other projects which will benefit all technology employers in the region.

The deadline to take the survey is June 30, 2017. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for letting your and your company’s voice be heard by completing the annual ITAG employers needs survey.

Click here to respond to the survey.

Economy League of Greater Philadelphia to Host Driving Tech Talent Growth in PHL

Employers in Greater Philadelphia have created 25,000 net new tech jobs since the early 2000s – equivalent to 25% of total net employment growth in the region during that span. Tech is positioned to be a major engine of sustained job growth in our economy, but firms report difficulty finding candidates with the needed skills and credentials to fill many positions.

Join the Economy League during Philly Tech Week on May 2 as they release an in-depth analysis of the region’s IT workforce and present a strategic framework for expanding and deepening the tech talent pool in Greater Philadelphia.
Keynote Speaker:
Charles Eaton
CEO, Creating IT Futures; Executive VP, Social Innovation, CompTIA

To register, click here.

ITAG Hosts Discussion on Cultivating IT Skills at the Regional Educational Level


The ITAG Industry Partnership hosted the latest of our “discussion series” with an interactive group meeting on March 9th a AVE in Malvern, PA.

Over 35 attendees, including ITAG Board members and guests, joined together to expand on our discussion series around the topic of the development of the technology workforce in the region. Panel members led us through a deep dive into: What needs to be done at the regional education level to cultivate IT skills to meet the future demand of our SE PA employers. This discussion was moderated by Ms. Susan Boardman, Internships & Partnerships Leader, Downingtown STEM Academy. Susan was joined by panel members representing Technology Employers and Educators:
Mr. Erik Gudmundson, VP of Business Development, Pegasus Technologies
Ms. Thelma Lawson Haylock, Director HR at Pfizer
Mr. Pratheep Nair, Knowledge Architect Manager, Cerner and STEM Academy Advisory Board Member
Dr. Deke Kassabian, CIO West Chester University
Dr. Kirk Williard, Division Director CTCE (Career, Technical and Customized Education) at CCIU
Mr. Art Campbell, Headmaster, Downingtown STEM Academy

In addition to coding positions, for which there is a less of a demand than in years past, employers are hiring for IT generalists, customer service, enterprise projects, cyber security. What is changing is the type of candidate that employers need and schools are producing. There was a strongly voiced common thread: it’s not just about having the right degree or courseware or technical skill. It’s equally, if not more, about developing and hiring of candidates that have the critical thinking and creative skills to adapt to evolving challenges. The best candidates have the ability to learn, collaborate, take initiative and successfully engage with diverse team members. Candidates get this experience and skill development in many different ways: internships, co-ops, work assignments with experienced team leaders, working in a different field (i.e., a firefighter who transitioned to technology). It is also critical that courses at the High School and College level provide a variety of skills, not just tech skills. With almost all courses and students using technology, there is no longer one path to a technology career (i.e., digital humanities didn’t exist 10 years ago!). Students are using technology in all majors today so focusing on one path may no longer be the right approach; getting practical experience and learning how to apply learnings to different scenarios is more important. Schools are doing a better job of, and want to do even more, producing degree students that are better prepared for the world of work. When asked for a show of hands as to “who today is working in a field for which they got their original degree?” Only 3 hands were raised! One panel member offered that their original degree was in English and now they are working in technology. As one attendee put it: “The focus is more on what are we USING and not so much on what are we LEARNING”

Everyone agreed: It’s more about the well-rounded knowledge, practical experience, critical thinking and ability to adapt that will make a candidate stand out and be competitive. To that, there were several mentions of the “Success in the New Economy” video by Kevin Fleming which gets to the same point. The Video is a little over 9 minutes long and is a TED-Ed video available on You Tube and by clicking here .

Many thanks to the professional team at AVE for providing the excellent meeting space and sponsoring the generous networking session refreshments for our attendees!

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