Dear Colleague,

Hello! Welcome to the ITAG website. While our website continues to be updated frequently, we invite you to take a few moments and visit each section. You will gain information on who we are, what we do, and the impact we are making industry-wide.

ITAG’s mission is to promote Information Technology, Communications, and Technological Processes, to all companies and individuals in Southeastern Pennsylvania as a means to become more effective in an increasingly sophisticated global marketplace. This is accomplished by working closely with and servicing participating ITAG companies, economic development agencies, and education/training partners to develop the tech workforce and help businesses succeed by using technology effectively.

A little bit of history…

The Innovative Technology Action Group of Chester County was formed in 2000, under the leadership of our founder, Karen Borda. Ms. Borda aligned with key individuals from the private, public, and educational sectors to unify the IT industry in Chester County with a focus on workforce development. It was during this first year, that several of ITAG’s main initiatives were designed. Although our youth programs continued successfully, ITAG’s membership was stymied. In 2006, we re-invented ourselves. The new ITAG brought with it innovative ideas, creative people, dynamic initiatives, and a renewed sense of purpose.

The ITAG focus continues to be on workforce development – primarily youth and incumbent worker training initiatives. We are driven by the needs of private industry. We encourage you to join us! Please be a part of ITAG’s ongoing growth and development. Help us to create and direct ITAG as we set and achieve new goals on behalf of the information and communication services industry.

Leah Fox – ITAG Chair
Executive Vice President, Technology and Services Delivery

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