Diversity & Inclusion Action Team Develops Survey

ITAG relies on our “Action Teams” to lead our work on the most pressing technology & workforce issues of the day.

Lately, the Diversity & Inclusion Action Team has developed a survey to assess company needs, interests, and challenges as it relates to strengthening diversity & inclusivity in our regional technology workforce. Special thanks to D&I Chair Dawna Hankins, Downingtown Area School District, for her leadership on this initiative.

We are counting on your input to help ITAG assess areas of greatest need and develop programs, resources, and solutions that help advance this important cause. The survey is open to both ITAG members and non-members alike, and you may complete it from the perspective of a both an employer and/or a worker. Click here to complete the survey.

All survey responses are completely anonymous unless otherwise requested by the respondent.

We will be reviewing results in the coming weeks and using them to maximize the value and effectiveness of ITAG’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

Thank you for your support. Feel free to share the survey link.


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