Tech360 Success!

TECH360, the Philly ‘burbs premier innovative business technology conference was held Thursday,  October 18th at the Penn State Great Valley Conference Center.  Attendees gathered to get up to speed on the latest developments in the tech sector and network with other tech professionals.   The opening keynote panel discussed how to create synergy among all the business units within your company around technology to result in the best customer and employee experiences.  We had regionally and nationally recognized experts on cybersecurity, attracting investment capital, blockchain and the law, as well as a series of breakout sessions on some of the most relevant tech sector topics!

Positive feedback is coming in from the attendees including how new business connections were made, requests to speak at the event next year, and inquiries about how to get involved in both ITAG and i2n!

TECH360 was covered by journalists from the Daily Local and NBC 10, so keep an eye out for features over the coming days. 

An overwhelming theme from those who have completed the survey so far consider the strengths of the event to be the expert speakers, relevant topics, format and organization of the day. In the words of 2 attendees:

“Very interesting topics. Speakers were engaged, knowledgeable, passionate. Would venture to say the topics and speakers were even better this year.”


“Really great event, very organized and efficient. Will be back… I’m a millennial and loved this event- would love to see more young people attending/ know they could benefit.”

The event stats are in:

  • 152 attendees
  • 76 different organizations represented
  • 28 speakers  
  • 4 panels discussed technology and corporate strategy, attracting investment capital,
  • 9 additional topics covered including autonomous vehicles, VR/AR,  healthcare IT, digital transformation, business hacking, innovation, diversity and inclusion, big data and the lifecycle of tech startups 
  • 5 companies at expo tables

A very special thank you to the Tech360 committee and our talented speakers for all their efforts towards a successful event!  We look forward to building upon the day’s momentum!

Unable to attend the event? Visit the Tech360 website at for speaker bios and presentations and to get an idea what it was all about!

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